My Favorites

April Favorites

It’s that time again! I thought I would have put this out sooner, but time got away from me (as usual). For what it’s worth, it’s not as late as usual!!

Kuumba Made Persian Garden Fragrance Oil
I saw this in a YouTube video and had been looking for it for awhile before I finally found it at the Whole Foods by my job. It smells sweet, musky, and ambery. All scents that I love. Just smelling it brings me joy. It’s a little roll-on bottle, so I just keep it in my purse and put it on when I’m going somewhere or need a mood boost.

TOMS “Be Inspired” Canvas Slip-Ons

My new Be Inspired TOMS.

I love me some TOMS. They aren’t cheap, but considering how comfortable they are and the good that the company does, they’re worth it. And I promise you that I get my money’s worth. I wear those suckers out. When I was shopping online for some basic black ones, I found these ones on clearance and knew I had to get them. They are perfect for me and the message I’m constantly trying to give myself.

Samsung Galaxy S7
IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! I finally got my new phone!! You guys don’t understand how long this has been coming, and how hard I worked for this. I am so proud of my phone and I love it so freaking much. It’s the best phone I’ve EVER had. Funnily enough, Shane’s work phone is an iPhone 6 Plus and he still says he’d rather have a Galaxy S7. It IS the best smartphone on the market. 😉

Starbucks Coffee Frappucino
How crazy is it that I’d never had one of these before? To be honest, I didn’t even know they existed before a few months ago. I had one last month and it is SO good. I’m not a huge frap drinker because of the huge amount of sugar in them, but this is one I can imagine myself having plenty of over the summer. It’s the perfect combo of coffee and sweet for a frap.

Snapchat Filters
I know this seems like a silly one for some of you, but I was not able to do any filters on Snapchat before this month. My phone had so little memory that I couldn’t update the app to get them. It wasn’t until I got my new phone that I was finally able to do filters and they crack me up. I don’t usually post most of them to My Story; I’ll just save them and text them to Shane. HAHA!! Good thing we’re married because he’d be so uninterested in me after some of them.

Nivea Creme
I know this is a staple for a lot of people, but I didn’t really discover it until about 2 months ago. I brought my little tin (that I’d gotten in a favor from a baby shower) to work, and have been using it religiously. It somehow magically disappeared recently so I bought another one and am so thankful to have it back.

And one disappointment: St. Ives Nourished & Smooth Oatmeal Scrub + Mask
I don’t exactly know what I expected from this, but it was just a gooey, sticky, gross mess. It didn’t make my face feel nice during or after and it was so hard to get all the way off. Luckily I didn’t spend my own money on this since I got it in a St. Ives Voxbox from Influenster. By the way, if you aren’t signed up for Influenster, you need to be. The boxes don’t come regularly and they don’t have a cohesive theme for all of them, but you can get some seriously great stuff in them and it’s ALL FREE!!


Big City Adventures

Big City Adventures: Dallas

How great would it be to have a major metropolitan area a mere 30 minutes away? Not to brag or anything, but I do. Okay; I am bragging a little. Dallas, for all the crap it gets, is an incredibly diverse city with so much culture and heritage that a lot of people who live in its suburbs don’t take the chance to fully appreciate. I am including myself in that group of people. I got the opportunity to spend some time exploring Dallas with one of my closest friends, Aerial, yesterday and we had a blast.

Me and the beautiful Aerial.

We started off at Pearl Cup because I wanted to introduce her to my favorite place. She loved it and said she’d “never been more in love with anything in a cup in [her] life.” I’ll take that as a win for me.

We headed over to Central Market for lunch because it was close to our next destination, and because she’d never been. What!? I was just as shocked as you. She (obviously) loved it and on we went to our next destination.
*Story time: There was a bird that swooped in through the open back door of the dining area to grab food and drink, and it flew out through the front entrance. It knew exactly what it was doing. It was awesome.*

Seriously the best (shrimp) stir fry I’ve ever had.

Next stop was Fabrique Fashion Fabrics. I’d been there once before and left with good vibes from it. The sales associates were super nice and helpful without being vultures. They asked us if we needed help with anything when we walked in, and when we assured them that we were just browsing because it was Aerial’s first time, they told us to let them know if we needed anything or had questions and then left us to look around, take pictures, etc. We (obviously) found so much that we loved, wanted, and were inspired by and even left with a few necessities.

fabrique collage
These are swatches of what inspired me.

After that, we finally headed to Dallas. We were going to a store that a friend from church had told me about; Tissu. Tissu is a fabric store in Deep Ellum. They have an atelier next door where Aerial and I plan on taking classes, called Petit Atelier. They were also exceptionally kind and helpful. In fact, pretty much everyone we encountered on our adventure was pleasant.
tissu et petitad

We decided to drive around Dallas for a bit to see what else we could find. Aerial really wanted to find food trucks so we headed for Klyde Warren Park right across the street from the Dallas Museum of Art.

Neither of us were super hungry because of the large lunch we’d had a few hours prior, so the ice cream truck it was. We had Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches which were heavenly, and enjoyed them while sitting and people watching in the park. What a magnificent way to spend the day! Before we left, I had to get more coffee from the Wildcatter Coffee truck because I’d never had it, and because that’s the kind of person I am.

Our next stop was Mockingbird Station, but we made a detour due to being in a turn-only lane, and it was the best accidental detour ever. We passed through the Vickery Place neighborhood of Dallas and let’s talk about magical. It’s seriously everything that I love about this area, and if I were to show you my perfect house, I could point to almost any house in the area and that would be it. Charming would be a good word.Expensive would probably be another, but we were in awe and probably pissing a few people off because we were going so slow admiring the area. We eventually made it to Mockingbird Station, but gave up after we drove around for 10 minutes looking for a parking spot to no avail.

We made a pit stop on the way home at the new Cityline Whole Foods. I had heard about a roll-on perfume that I’d been looking for for awhile and could only find at this particular WFM. It’s the Kuumba Made Roll-On Fragrance Oil in Persian Garden and it is heavenly. I am seriously in love, and beyond thrilled with my purchase.

It smells of amber and magic.

Aerial dropped me off at home, both of us exhausted and inspired and it was an incredible day.